Classically trained on Guitar through the Royal Conservatory of Music, Berklee Student, Guitar Warz champion, finger-style devotee, with a love of improvisation, sometimes considered "a walking
jukebox",The Hat, Winnipeg Musician/Guitarist, has made his entire living in performing and teaching music. Performing across Canada as "Chris with The Hat", solo, with various Original, Cover and Show Bands, he has shared the stage with over 100 players, performing over 1000 songs at over 2000 gigs, on Guitar, Bass, Vocals or Drums.

Hat has become known for things like: playing in many bands at once, learning 30 songs from scratch in a few short days, learning the whole show during the commute to the gig with his electric instrument headstock pressed to the band leaders ear, and the range of guitar styles he brings to the performance.

Chris has taught dozens of private students, many of whom have won internationally recognized awards, and has held many workshops for hundreds of students in guitar programs, since the age of 16.

He is the founder of 'Hat Works' Music which has been providing many music services, for over 15 years.

He has also spent the last 10 years studying recording and production while building a personal recording studio, 'The Cave' Studio in Winnipeg has had some mild notable success.

Chris with The Hat has been involved in every aspect of writing, arranging and performing as well as engineering and producing in the original projects he has been involved with in the past, and has recently produced his first solo independent release, "From Inside", and is currently in the final stages of his second album, "SoulO", entirely performed, recorded and mixed by himself.


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